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May 2004


How to sell your goods or services

How to sell your goods or serivices

It's easy!

Just talk waht the customer want to know.

If you keep talking about what you want to talk, you couldn't sell anything.

Because the cutomer think that you are pushing me to buy it.

What the customer want to listen is what the customer think in their mind.

So if you could answer the customer's questions, you could sell your things.

The customer will think how you know me well!

The customer will have trust with you and buy from you.

Let's say sales person who cannot sell anything.

Listen to what he is talking about.

He talks only what his goods and services.

He keep talking about their goods strength.

The important thing is to know what they really need.

So the sales skill is not pesuasion skill but asking skill about what they really need.

Please find what the customer is worrying about.

Please know what the cutomer really wants.

Then, you will answer about what they relly want to know.

In order to answer these questions, you have to know about

what they relly want to know through the daily sales activities.

Good luck!

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