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March 2006



Health Saving Accountは税控除の対象とならないというニュースです。

LA Timesに関連記事があります。

Seven states have no tax exemption for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), the Los Angeles Times reports.

The states without a tax break for HSAs are Alabama, California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to the newspaper.

In California, lawmakers have proposed legislation that would exempt HSAs from the state's income tax, but no such legislation has passed since the federal government created HSAs in 2004.

"It's going to hit people between the eyes," says California Assemblyman George A. Plescia, a Republican from San Diego .

To be eligible for HSAs, workers must be enrolled in a high-deductible health plan. More than 3 million people are enrolled in high-deductible health plans that qualify for health savings accounts (HSAs), according to America 's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a trade association. However, it is still unclear how many workers have opened and contributed to an HSA.

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【調査】フォーチュン 働きたくなる会社ランキング




このうち11% HRシステムへの投資だ。働きたくなる会社は通常の会社よりも58%多くHRに投資している。

# Great Place to Work companies invest a little more money on HR than the average company, but they spend less than 0.2 percent more of their gross revenue.

# Forty-two percent of the HR investment is spent on the practices and processes that make up employee relations, performance management (including training and development), and organizational development, with 68 percent of HR staff time spent on these activities, as opposed to HR administrative functions, such as benefits processing and management.

# The average Great Place to Work company spends $2,412 per employee on these HR functions. Of this HR cost, 11 percent goes to HR technology (58 percent more than the average company).

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