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May 2006


【ニュース】病院CEO セクハラで辞任

Hospital President, Accused of Kissing Female Workers, Resigns
Dr. Robert M. Haddad has resigned as president and chief executive of Caritas Christi Health Care System in Massachusetts over allegations that he subjected female employees to sexual harassment that included unwanted hugs and kisses on the mouth, the Boston Globe reports.

女性従業員にキス 病院のCEOが辞任

マサチューセッツの Caritas Christi Health Care Systemが女性従業員へのセクシャルハラスメントで辞任。

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Five Secrets of Best-Performing Companies

Jason Jennings, best-selling author and business speaker, told the audience of compensation professionals at the 2006 WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition in Anaheim, California, that they were doing "the most important work taking place in business today."

ジェイソン ジェニングスがカリフォルニアの006 WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference & Exhibitionで講演をした。今日ビジネスの現場で起こっているもっとも重要なことがテーマだ。

Secret #1: Having a "Cause"


The first secret is that great companies master the art of finding, keeping, and growing the right people by having a cause. A cause, Jennings explained is neither a mission statement nor a vision statement, which Jennings believes are "management indulgences" that have no real impact on an organization. Instead, a cause is the "authentic reason for the existence of the organization."



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【速報】TOYOTA セクハラ訴訟 190ミリオンの賠償請求

速報 トヨタ セクハラ訴訟
Toyota Hit with $190 Mln Sexual Harassment Suit

日本語 ロイター

日本語 共同通信


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