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February 2007


【ニュース】Term Life Insuranceの価格下落

Term Life Insuranceを持っているなら、価格下落の恩恵をこうむることができるかもしれない。
みんな長生きしているので、Term Life Insuranceの価格が大幅に下落しているのだ。


Term Life Insurance Rates Falling
If you have term life insurance, you might want to consider taking advantage of declining rates by shopping around for a new policy. Rates are dropping for term life insurance largely because people are living longer, industry observers say. In addition, the Internet has brought more competition and efficiencies to the industry over the past decade.
MediaNews in the Contra Costa Times

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全米で初、有給のSick Leaveがサンフランシスコ市で法定義務化。


Law Now Entitles All Workers in S.F. to Paid Sick Leave
The first such law in the country, it requires all businesses to provide paid sick leave to employees who work within the city. Business groups have criticized the law as one in a series of mandates — including a citywide minimum wage and a new health insurance requirement — that will make it hard for small retailers and restaurants to survive in the city. San Francisco Chronicle

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